Total Transport Solutions
  • Shroff Roadlines specializes in inter-modal transportation by providing inland and local transportation for both domestic and international consignments.
  • We are specialized in the movement of Import and Export consignments and household goods between Delhi and Mumbai/JNPT regions.
  • We feel delighted to know the fact that we have the largest customer base of textile exporters in the country.
  • We have formed a separate division of specialized professionals who look after the booking, dispatch and delivery of Export & Import Cargo.
  • Packing Service
    Careful packing of all the items according to their shape, size and fragility, carried out in your home by a group of qualified and professional packers. A specially trained work-force ensures that each item is individually packed numbered and listed before it is loaded into tailor made crates or containers to ensure that they are transported from your existing residence to your new home SAFELY.
    The supervisor all this while will be making an inventory of the items along with a mention of their condition, if needed. At the end of the packing, the supervisor will hand over a copy of the inventory to you that will be signed by the supervisor and as well as by you. On this inventory will be mentioned the final destination of the consignment and the mode of the shipment. Our packing teams are our company’s greatest assets and are experts in the precise packing techniques of today Each member of the team is extensively trained in all aspects of the trade. They arrived fully briefed and equipped with the latest packing material. This material range from special tissue paper for silverware and bubble pack for glassware/crockery. For peace of mind, we recommend you are present during packing to point last items that you would require special care.
    Domstic & International Movement
    Transportation of your shipment, Once your shipment (glassware, chinaware, books, paintings, furniture, electrical equipments, kitchenware etc.) has been adequately packed and crated. They will be loaded into a Container or Wooden lift vans sealed in your presence and transported to the container terminal for custom clearance or to out warehouse, If the shipment is to be in storage. The packing list mentions the details of the mode of the transportation. Our qualified and trained packers will do the placing of the items in the container/Lift van, as it requires careful placing of the fragile goods.
    Logistics Solutions
    Our modern Warehousing service is managed by efficient and experienced professionals. We have been providing a whole range of state-of-the-art technology Warehousing facility over a long period of time to our esteemed clients. With the warehouses spread across the country, Shroff Roadlines is well equipped to store up your precious shipments any where. All warehouses are entirely protected by automatic fire and security systems and our Fire systems are automatically operated with powerback facility. With our clear ceiling heights from twenty to forty feet even more, our storage facilities are designed to maximize usable cargo space and allow ready entry to stored goods. We are well equipped to facilitate timely, safe and easy loading and unloading of various product packages.